6 questions to ask when Choosing an agent and questions to ask

A property whether it’s your family home, first home, an investment or something in between, it’s often your most valuable asset. Therefore, if you’re looking to sell finding an expert local agent, with strong connections, an extensive buyer database and reputation for results is important.

To ensure you’re choosing the best agent for the job, it pays to ask relevant questions, to find the perfect match for you and your property. But where do you start? Not all agents are created equal.

We’ve found these questions helpful in identifying a high performing agent.

Are you Licensed?

All real estate agents must be licenced in accordance with local legislation. It is important you check that anyone on your shortlist is licenced as the legislation regulates trust accounting, continual education of agents and standards are adhered to.

Are you a local agent?

It is really important you choose a local agent, one who lives and breathes property in Chiswick. Local experts know the local market, know what is has sold recently, they have a database of local buyers, they know the best ways to market a property, how to style a property to appeal to local buyers and are best equipped to give you an honest appraisal on your property.

How committed are you to the community?

Whilst this doesn’t directly impact your sale price, it is a good way to measure the character of the agency. How committed are they to local community causes, are they actively involved in fund raising for charities or supporting local groups, are they well-liked by the other local businesses?

Can you share insights into the local market?

A good agent will be able to provide you with a local market report of the Chiswick and surrounding areas.

They should have in-depth knowledge about property trends, schools, transport, demographics, and what buyers in the area are looking for. We would love to provide you with a local market report, packed with property information, trends and insights on Chiswick and the area.

Can I call some of your past vendors?

The best way to find out how good an agent is is to ask their past clients. Don’t rely on carefully chosen testimonials, go straight to the source and ask…How good a job did they do? Were you completely satisfied? A great agent builds great relationships with people and they will be happy to share contact details of past clients. And what’s more you will find past clients very happy to talk about an agent’s performance.

So, ask your agent if they can provide their 5 most recent clients phone numbers so you can ring them and ask them what their experience was like, did they achieve a good result and were they happy?

Do you understand “the psychology of selling”

When it comes right down to it the 2 most important things an agent has to do to get you a better result, are ‘Marketing’ and ‘Negotiating’.

Identifying the correct target audience and knowing how to get them emotionally involved with your property is a key ingredient in getting a better result. This takes training and practice and unfortunately only a handful of agents really understand how to do it. Some agents even farm out their advertising to companies and copywriters who have never seen your property.

And while negotiating a higher price than the buyer wants to pay is the best way to put a smile on your face, most agents haven’t got a clue how to negotiate effectively. Some even destroy their chances of getting a great result the minute they open their mouth.

A good agent will spend years and even decades honing this important skill and you will feel it in your heart as soon you start to talk to them. Don’t choose an agent until you get that feeling. And by the way don’t expect the best agents to be with big name companies, most of them own their own businesses and will treat selling your property as the most important thing in the world.

A final point – Assess their passion

Watch how passionate they become when describing how they will sell your property. If they don’t get excited, then don’t get excited about them – keep looking because you deserve someone who will get excited and passionate about helping you get a great result.